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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yep, and the list just keeps on going

Darn things just keep following me home. Should I keep em???

Scroll saw


Good deal popped up on Craigslist. I was looking for a planer. Honestly the ryobi isn't the greatest. But I will give it a shot, I am a novice at this stuff so saving a few bucks now and finding my likes dislikes in the tool will be a good starting point. Nothing is shockingly better in the sub $500 market anyhow. I ended up staying within my budget for planer/jointer and even got a scroll saw as a bonus gift.

The scroll saw was, as expected, in perfect condition. I think most people get these, do a couple of test projects, and then let them sit. This one was no different. I took a wire wheel to the surface, waxed it, added a new blade, and it is good as new. The planer took a bit more elbow grease and will still need another work over session to flip the blades to their 2nd side and get to the rusty parts I couldn't reach. Overall looks like a good deal.

After reassebling the scroll saw I hacked at a scrap board. I got the notion to make Erin a thank you flower for her understanding of my tool expansion. About the time I finished cutting it...

...Faith had to go and get herself stuck in her crib and needed Daddy to help her get her leg out. I saved her and then told her of the flower project. We went down to the garage and painted it up propper with some sharpie markers. Daddy makes all things better :-)

moral: Keep flower projects around they can almost immediately cure whatever ails Faith

Same ol same ol story around these parts. I have been in an AISC structural steel design course this week. The subject is interesting to a point, but the 2 indian teachers have about the worst delivery of any teachers I have had the pleasure of listening too. Monotone and terrible at making concise points (if they make points at all). At any rate I am almost sure that 90% of what is being taught won't be used. A lot of the theory is in the deformed state. All the steel structures we are working on are considered special tooling and fixtures. These are to have either no deflection or very little. So toss out all the theory outside of the elastic region. I am gonna barf if I see one more equation...

Hope your week is going well.

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