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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Night off, yeah right

Wednesday night. Erin and the kids are off to church. I am off tonight. Teasing me from the corner is the new cutter head for the jointer that has been sitting dormant in the corner since it's adoption. What's a guy to do?

Full tear down and rebuild of the jointer of course. Glad I did do the full dismantle. I kept finding loose stuff, random nuts and washers just rattling around, and general incorrect assembly by whoever put it together over at Lowe's. I did hit one snag, the bolts for the new cutter are a different thread pitch and also about .25" shorter. I am going to have to call them up and bug them. In order to get things back together I assembled without the lock-washers. The extra thread engagement is more important that the washers.

Other than that things went well. I assembled, tuned, and then let things run for a while. Got some rattling, turned out one of the pulleys wasn't tightened. Small adjustment and then off to the races. I re-tensioned the belt and assembled the blade guard and fence. Then it was time for the real test...

yep, makes a lot of wood chips

A quick shot of the spiral cutter head. Surface quality looks good.

Fence and blade setup look good too...

Okay, I am tired. Good night.

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