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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

About that 29er

After the initial ride I had a couple of items that I wanted to fiddle with. Guess I just can't get away from myself. So off to see Mike and the boys. No Mike today, but there were a couple of items hanging around that I needed. A little digging in my scrap bins provided the rest. I think that I have dropped about as much weight off the bike as I can without getting into $$.

- Swapped out the WTB saddle (heavy, looked comfy but wasn't)
- Swapped out the seat post for an FSA that was a touch longer
- Ditched the steel chainrings for some shimano alloy (I just love having to take a dremmel to a new set of cranks to make aftermarket chainrings fit once again SRAM proves that they should leave the cranks to Shimano)
- Pulled off the steel bead exiwolf 2.3 in favor of some Bontrager Jones 2.2 (savings of about 300g/wheel but they are about .2" narrower)
- Got me some wider bars (about 2" wider than the stock bars)

I am going to have to swing by the shop and put it on the scale, but I would guess it is still hovering at just over 30lb. Not bad for a clydesdale XC build, but it is about as heavy as some peoples 5" trail bikes. Oh well, gotta remember that I don't like them sub 25lb bikes anyways (too skittish on the trail). I will get some additional thoughts up on the ride once I get a bit more saddle time. Stay tuned.

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