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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Regarding Henry Cowell...

I have had a couple of online content police give me shit about talking unmentionable trails. Honestly I am very conscious of what names I do or don't use to describe the trails that I ride. But for some sticklers this isn't enough. There is to be no mention of trails that are illegal. Apparently their female parts tingle if you even elude to trails that aren't on the Krebb's map. Fuck em.

That said Henry Cowell Redwoods does have several trails that are legal for bicycle riding. Check it.

HC Site

Nothing major in terms of great singletrack, but legal trails none the less.

For the sake of not hearing the aforementioned people bitch I will censor my ride reports to the point where you might have to call and ask me where I actually rode.


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