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Friday, March 30, 2007

Throw up the horns

Well, Friday has once again graced us with its presence. I guess I am a week behind, but I never made any promise about timely updates. So here it goes.

I have been riding and tinkering with the 29er all week. I think that about Wednesday I finally got it. All of the sudden the slightly odd steering became undetectable to me. I am still trying to figure out if this is placebo or what, but it sure feels like I am able to carry more speed through the same single track. Only exception has been the rough stuff, where the hard tail chatters and loses traction. Very fun ride at this point. Only problem I am having is the focking seat post is slipping in the frame. Guess I need to throw on one of those ugly surly constrictors to put a stop to that.

Wednesday included the first double day of the season. Got in a lap on my lunch and then 2 laps after work. My legs were very tired yesterday, but I got out and did another loop. Nothing monumental, only hitting 1-1.5 hour loops, but I gotta take what I can get.

Looks like everyone is finally healthy again at our house. That is a good start. Faith has really begun to pick up a lot more vocabulary lately. She is pretty funny if you can catch what she is jabbering on about. She is officially walking and running as her full time mode of transportation. Oddly enough, this kid who was in the 95% for weight has slimmed down to about the 20th percentile. Now the doctors want us to try and fatten her up a bit. We are more into balanced diet, and maybe a few more meals a day for the time. Doctors recommended butter and mayo on everything. And you wonder why our nation has an obesity problem?

What is going on this weekend??
- Jon gets another year older. Congrats on the new place Jon & Jaime!
- Bogg's Demo 8hr relay race
- CCCX XC at Toro
- Doug working at SV Cyclesport all weekend
- High likelihood of Doug on a 29er in the SC mountains Sunday morning or Saturday evening. Anyone else want to ride?

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