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Friday, March 2, 2007

Star Date 2007.03.02

Friday again. Rock out with your cock out!


Where the F did my week go. No riding. No new parts. Didn't even go to work on Wednesday. What a fucking lump.

I spent most of Tuesday evening followed by Wednesday dicking around with my computers. End result: Freshly formatted scsi drives in my ancient system and I am still rocking the windows 2000. Yeah, it may only be a P2 450mhz but it gets the job done. Windows XP runs on it, but I couldn't get it to behave after installing it 2 separate times. So windows 2000 is what this old dog gets to the end.

Okay, so I did get a new toy this week(bike geeks may want to skip this part). A 250gig external hard drive and a 2gig USB flash chip. Now I can store massive amounts of donkey porn. I can of course use it to backup important stuff too. It made the task of swapping the OS very easy. The flash chip? I dunno, maybe it is good and maybe not. All I know is I walked into office max and dropped just over $100 and walked out with about $250 worth of retail product. Now I am all set for the next decade on massive amounts of storage.

On the bike front:
I was able to get that 32 to 38t jump working. I dremmeled the hell out of the chainring adding upshift and downshift aids to emulate a Shimano ring. That made things work marginally better. Things got much better though when I removed the SRAM derailleur and put on my crappy deore. Instantly the front shifting started working. After 2-3 minor tweaks it is now shifting flawlessly. Guess I can add this to the list of things that Shimano does well.
The list:
- Cranks, nobody does it as light and as stiff
- Chainrings, yep shimano has ramps and tooth shape down to a science
- Cassettes, another area where shimano has spent a lot of time working on tooth shape
- Front derailleurs, they just work no fucking around all business all the time
- SPD pedals, for me the perfect clipless system

I am not saying SRAM is crap, but there are just some things that can be left to the pros. I may have to put a complete shimano drivetrain on my bike one of these days just to see what I have been missing.

What is going on this weekend??

North American Handmade Bicycle Show, today thru Sunday 10am-6pm
NABHS 2007

Passion Trail Bikes 1st Anniversary Sat & Sunday, group rides, demo bikes, luau Sat night, if you are in the Belmont area check it out
PTB info

Gavin is having a 5th Birthday party. Party at Scott and Stacie's place Sunday afternoon. More screaming kids, games, and birthday cake. Bring it on.

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