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Friday, March 16, 2007

Week in review

Overall a good week for me. Not as much riding as I would like, but I gotta take what I can get. Couple of short rides so far. Just a road lap early in the week and a short lap out in the Wilder area. I did get a chance to ride a trail that I have been hearing about. It was cool in some sense, but it really just made me feel like it shouldn't be there. It was poorly constructed into the steep side of the hill with little chance of surviving the elements (or rider abuse) for more than a season. It had some jumps and drops with steep terrain that gave a sense of accomplishment to ride but my inner tree hugger just wasn't into it.

The Ventana is torn down in the stand. I figure it should get a little TLC. I have been riding it rain or shine since I got it. For the last month the rear brake has been dragging a bit. I am sure both wheels could use a true. Also the chain was prime for a cleaning and relube. So I got a few hours to put in tonight I guess in order to ride this weekend. The saga of the modified triple is over. Stick a fork in it. On my Wednesday ride it was getting caught in my hand carved ramps. So back to the 22-36-bash for a bit longer. Black Spire should have a 38t ramped and pinned ring in a couple of months, then I can run a 24-38-bash and be happy.

The road bike could use some love too. I am actually amazed by it. Sure it doesn't have any bling components, but it just works. I have had it built up for about 2 years and have done little more than swap a seat post and change a couple of flats. Granted I would like to put a new groupo on it, but that has always taken a back seat to other projects. And she just keeps rolling. The 8 speed drivetrain is flawless. So I guess I can tear it down and give it a quick tune up. But otherwise lube her up and she is good to go for another couple years.

Kids are sick again. Preschool is like one giant petri dish. I guess it is good for building the kids immunities up, but sometimes it is just one thing after another. More doctor's visits all around. Whoopie!

What's going on this weekend??

- Trail Head Cyclery is doing demo rides at the demo 9-3 Saturday and Sunday.
Check their site for more details.

- Weather looks good, so I am likely to find some time to ride in there. Give me a call if you want to hook up for a spin.

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