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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Traction, it's the little things

Well, so it is raining lightly this morning. Glad I squeezed in a short ride on the Ventana yesterday. I saw the clouds rolling in and despite my lack of motivation an North Coast brews calling to me from the fridge I broke free for a couple of laps around the hood. Despite it being fairly dry the sandstone is still desceptibly slick. I guess the rain isn't going to help that. But looking at the forecast (if it is correct) we have yet again been blessed with another batch of liquid traction. Just enough water to lay the dust down without turning the joint into a mud pit. Good, because I just finished getting the ventana cleaned back up from my last mud rides. Tomorrow and Thursday should be sick. Get out and ride!

I picked up a couple of goodies for the road bike this weekend. Used Bontrager 2pc cranks, FSA external bearing BB, and a set of red compound brake pads. The cranks may be a hit or miss, not sure yet. They apparently have not been spaced appropriately and shifted poorly on the trek road bike that they came stock on. I am hoping since I have an 8spd drivetrain that the wider chain won't mind the slight error in chain ring spacing. The pads are a test to see if I can get a bit more power for slowing my 200lb+ down when riding the skinny tires. It is amazing that road brakes are all the same despite the riders being 100-300lb and having quite different braking needs. Gonna throw the roadie in the stand this week and give it a good once over.

Other wrenching this week should include assembly of the new steed. Should be here in the next day or two according to the people I spoke with at Raleigh. I am excited to see it. I am also excited to have a bike that doesn't have 4000 grams of tire/wheel to chug up the hills. Check back for updates on this.


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