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Monday, April 2, 2007

Got a case of the Mondays

Kind of a busy weekend for me. I woke up this morning not wanting to get out of bed. I just kept rolling over and hitting the snooze bar. The only thing that dragged me out of my haze was a memory that I had a 9am meeting. Crap. So I scramble out of bed, to the shower, and out the door. I arrive at work at 9:03am. Late. Fortunately the person who called the meeting didn't show, so I get off the hook with no issue for my tardiness. Who the heck schedules 9am Monday meetings anyways?

The weekend ride report is a little slim. We had a big crew head up into the Forrest of Nisene Marks on Saturday. By the time we hit Sand Point the crew had spread out quite a bit, so a 20-30 minute break was taken while the stragglers rolled in. Then we headed out to Santa Rosalita and the Demonstration Trail Head. Between people turning back and SP and those who were moving slow the crew at the top had slimmed to 6. 3 of us weren't feeling spry enough to drop the Demo and climb back out, so we split up and headed back down to Aptos via a couple of different routes. All in all it ended up just Jon and myself in the end both grunting and tired at about 4 hours of riding.

I dunno know about Jon, but I was definitely feeling that I deserved a couple of pints after that amount of climbing and based on how worked I was feeling. So I met up with Stu and split a pitcher of Fat Tire. Sitting in the patio at the Brit I was just stoked to be out enjoying the beautiful weather.

It was nice to get back on the Ventana. It hasn't been seeing too much love since the Raleigh arrived. It is running dailed and gave me no grief. The Talas was a welcome feature when I hit the wall and other steep climbs during the day. Only bummer was that I didn't hardly get the wheels off the ground. Too bad, because this bike just feels so good in the air.

I worked for Mike on Sunday. Nothing major to note there. But we did come across an oddity towards the end of the day. It was the Raleigh Coasting Bike. It is truly a strange rig. Cool, but weird too. It has the new Shimano Dynamo powered cpu smart-shifting 3spd. I was kind of turned off by the big hemispherical nut gaurds at both ends, but won back by the 6 pack rack up front. We tried it out to make sure the bottle opener worked. It did require a slight adjustment so that the bottle wouldn't hit the tire, but I think it is all set now. Check it out if you get bored.

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