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Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Otter in the books

Well, that's a wrap. Another Sea Otter comes and goes. I didn't even find the time to make it down to the expo. Not racing turned out to be a good choice as it was raining sideways for the sport and beginner DH races on Saturday. Like I say every year. Me not racing either means good weather for all or at the minimum I am not soaking wet and cold waiting in a line for an hour to do a 2min race. Either way I win.

Some new and exciting stuff:
- Crossmax 29er wheels showed up (also proving that Mavic will indeed support 29er movement)
- Hutchinson UST tubeless 29er tire (now you can run a real tubeless tire on 29ers)
- Marzocchi prototype fork (rumored to be the 55 series). ATA, RC2 damping, and a 20mm axle. Oh, and they finally added a better cable guide.

My weekend? Pretty much a wash. No real riding. I had wanted to clock a longer ride, but it just wast in the cards. Birthday party for a friends 1 year old daughter on Saturday. Showed up mid-day after shopping for a present and proceeded to drink beer for the rest of the day. Sunday was a work day at the bike shop. Always nice to swing a wrench for a day. Sometimes it is just more enjoyable than sitting behind a computer. After work we decided to attack the better part of a case of Gordon Biersch light. I think I threw back seven before calling it a night. Then I swung a leg over my bike and did a short loop up and over in HC. 29er still hokking up great on the climb. I had a bit of a hard time this morning remembering what route I took, but I am pretty sure I had fun. Every once in a while it is good times to get a little pissed and then hit the trails for a romp through the woods.

RE: the week in review
Well, I never promised a rose garden or any other shit. So to recap last week. It sucked. Too many hours at work. Rides were short. Got a new rear tire for the 29er, but didn't get a chance to ride it until yesterday. Boo hoo. Life goes on and I am not really any worse for the wear. Hope everyone else is doing well.

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