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Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend report

Not much of a riding weekend. Actually about all that I have to show for the weekend is my beer belly. Friday night was beer and a movie. Saturday was a blur (more on that later). Sunday was just a kick back day around the house. Greg cruised over and we hung out on the porch and drank beer most of the afternoon. I think I did more of the drinking but that's just the way it goes sometimes (err most of the time).

So Saturday was a work day out at the bike shop. Guess there was a big roadie gathering/ride up Mt. Charlie. Good ride if you are into it. I think I was glad to be wrenching instead of climbing that hill. Uneventful day at the shop. Finished off by grabbing a beer out of the fridge. Erin wasn't around so I decided to hit Schwillis up on some shuttle runs. A few ups and downs and that was a wrap. Trails were of the unmentionable sort (not to be put down in print). It is definitely a weird sensation hitting trails with fresh legs, on a big bike, and a speeds much faster than I normally hit on an xc loop. I let the talas out to 6" and hit it up. I did miss a couple of hits. One by choice, one that caught me off gaurd, and one where I missed my exit trying to keep up with the boys. Damn fun though. Going to have to shuttle with them more often. Full face helmet might be a good idea too. Big props to Katie for the shuttle driving.

After the ride we headed up to Schwillis' joint for some bbq and a few drinks. I was felling good about the ride. The company was good. The beer was going down smooth, so I drank a few more. I got to the end of my 6 pack and inquired if anyone else helped. Nope, that was all me. Weird wasn't even feeling too tanked, so I had another beer before heading for home (on the bike of course). Well, I had a heck of a time riding home. I am pretty sure I almost tanked it a couple of times. In the morning I couldn't remember what route I went to get home and even checked the garage to make sure that I had brought my bike all the way home. Oddly everything was organized and in place. My bike was locked. My riding gear was hung to dry. Very bizarre. I'm gonna have to call it quits earlier in the evening next time. I am not a big fan of not remembering what happened the night before.

Guess that is enough excitement for one weekend. I am a little bummed that I missed the Cupertino swap meet, but I found myself slightly hung over and broke. So no major upset there. Swap meets are only fun if you show up with a wad of cash and walk home with a bag-o good deals.


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