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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The 29er, anyone getting tired of me talkin about it?

Numbers are in. I think I am done tinkering with this bike...
Well, as done as any of my bikes ever are. I am still playing with stem height and saddle position, but that will work itself out eventually.

Just for the record...

Stock bike weight 31.5lb+/-
Modified build 29lb

Changes from stock
Tires: WTB Exiwolf 2.3 ---> Bontrager Jones ACX
Stem: EA30 120mm x 5* ---> Thomson 110 x 10*
Handlebars: EA50 635 mid rise ---> EA70 685 mid rise
Brakes: Avid BB5 160mm ---> Shimano hydro 180mm (deore 555 fr, XT 765 r)
Seat: WTB Laser V Comp ---> Giro somethingerother I had with Ti rails (comfortable too)
Seat Post: EA30 ---> FSA SL270
Pedals: plastic flats ---> Shimano PD-M540
Front Derailleur: Deore ---> XT
Tubes: WTB light 29er ---> Bontrager ultralight 26 x 1.95
Grips: Stock raleigh ---> Odi ruffian lock-on
Chainrings: Trushift steel ---> Shimano XT alloy

Pretty stealthy with all the black and a few red highlights. I think if I get a wild hair it will eventually get a couple of red ano accents.

Other than a ride on the Ventana this weekend the 29er has been getting all my lovin. With the new stem and hydro brakes on it I am really feeling at home on top of it. I can now do track stands, something that was pretty sketchy with the front end flexing all over. Climbing, cornering, and ability to float over sand are still putting smiles on my face with every ride. I have noticed another benefit of the 29er wheels. You can actually ease up and rest for 20-30 yards without really losing speed. Very nice when hammering a climb. You can take a couple of breaths refocus and continue.

Got in a good loop yesterday. First ride of the season that I actually felt on. Ended up mid-ringin the fire road climb even with the steeper 29er gearing. Nailed all the singletrack climbs on the route. I even hit the jumps and drops that were in the 1-2.5' range. Much more confidence riding this bike than my typical xc builds. This thing just wants to go and yesterday I did too. It was a very satisfying day.

Today was a fast lunch lap through unmentionable trails. I took it easy today and just cruised the climbs. Rode in jeans and a DH jersey. It was actually hot out on the trails. Spring is hitting hard around these parts and I for one am taking full advantage.

Gotta love e-bay. Just received an order of some new gear. 2 3/4 sleeve jerseys, 1 insulated vest, and 1 lined jacked for about $50. Sometimes being able to fit into XXL isn't the worst thing. Always a gamble buying gear online since you never know how it will fit from brand to brand. Worked out great this time though.

Okay, I am out. Gotta do some work up in this mutha!

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