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Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Stoke

Another beautiful Friday folks. I slept in a bit this morning. By the time I drifted through the line at the evil empire (Starbucks) I was more than a little inclined to keep driving right past work and to the park, beach, or somewhere that I could enjoy this weather. Instead I plunked into the office and get to see it all through the window of my office. Could be worse, I could be in a cubicle without a window. The days are also quite long now. Sunset here in Santa Cruz is about 8:20pm now. I don't think I got home until after 9pm yesterday. For another month the days will continue to lengthen. Man, you gotta love this time of year.

Thursday night ride was good. Hit a couple of laps in the HC and finished up with a few runs on the Ponderosa course. It ended up with just Mike and I riding as 2-3 of the boys decided to opt out yesterday afternoon. We have decided that Thursday should be a big bike ride. More jumps, log drops, and moto riding. Yeah, the big bikes are a bit more work to pedal around but the rewards are reaped whenever the hill points down. It was just fun to go out rippin the trails and hitting the jumps. The Ventana was running good. No shifting, braking, or suspension issues. That was nice. Maybe I am finally getting it dialed in. Mike took out the demo Specialized Enduro. Other than it having a loose fork bushing he seemed pretty stoked on the ride quality of the bike. Not bad for a freshman attempt at designing their own suspension.

I am still kind of tripping out on the whole front end of my bike. I put on a taller headset and moved the saddle forward by about 5mm. Between those two things the bike basically feels more comfortable going up and down. I was expecting the taller stack headset to have me turning down the fork more for climbing. Not the case. I didn't even touch my talas dial yesterday despite doing a couple of the steeper climbs in the park. It is very unintuitive that slacking the bike out more would actually improve riding all around. Weird.

That's about all I got for stoke today. Get out and ride this weekend. Also, check the upcoming events. I think the Cupertino swap meet is on Sunday.



mudward said...

whoa, so Specialized has a house brand fork now? Sheesh, they may as well do their own shifters and cables and be done with it. ;)


Doug (aka dscot420 on MTBR) said...

Yes, and one ring shall rule them all. Sinyard is wearing it.