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Friday, April 6, 2007

Is it Friday already

Time flies when you are busy as hell at work and have social/family engagements after work all week. Either that or my senility is starting to creep on faster than I recognized. I can't really say I have much to show for the week. Read my last entry for ride reports. I haven't thrown a leg over the bike since Wednesday. No biggie though, I will get a good 20mi in this Saturday.

For anyone who is interested the MTBR Otter pre-ride will kick off tomorrow at 9:30 from the parking lot by the showers alongside the track. Click for details Rumor is that there might be a Greg sighting. It would be good to get him back on the bike. I kind of miss riding with the guy. Anyone else want to join me? After the ride one of the guys is having a bbq with some tasty home brew in Morgan Hill. I plan to hit that for a bit before cruising home or to San Jose.

Of course it is Easter on Sunday. That one kind of crept up on me too. As in whoa, there goes another couple of hundred bucks for candy and toys. Love this stuff. Go forth, multiply, and support your local K-mart/Costco on every holiday my son. Okay, holidays aren't all bad. I am just a bit grumpy in general over the turmoil in life. Hanging out with the family, drinking beer, and snapping some pictures is always a good way to spend a day. Throw in some candy and excited kids and you have a party right there. Bring it on.

Hopefully I can catch some of you on the trails this weekend. For the rest, have a Happy Easter.

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