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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday musings...

- Can you have a case of the Mondays on a Thursday?

- Thursday is the new Friday (yeah, and the industry claiming this is going down the drain so I am not buying it)

- Cover it in flour and look for the wet spot (gonna have to ask Dan for an explanation on that one)

- Shit nuts (one of these days I am going to have to work this one into an insult)

On with the show:
Got the big bike back together on Monday. Threw it on the scale just for a sanity check. Shouldn't have done it. That pig weighed in at 36.19lb. Jesus, no wonder I feel slow on it. It does go down well, but I think I need a lighter tire/wheel combo for the daily riding or it will just sit and I will continue to ride the 29er all the time.

I am still tinkering with the fork. I dropped pressure and upped the compression damping. Did a 3.5-4' drop about 10 times and played with the pressure. Ended up close to where I started, but I still have a bunch of compression damping. This fork is kind of a pain in the ass if you just want to go out and ride. It is getting better, but a 4 month learning curve sucks. The new headset seems to have helped to get the steering and front end characteristics more in line with what I wanted. It's only 5mm shorter than the pike 140mm when I am running the talas at 130mm which is most of the time. So handling is good. I am still trying to get a good balance of small bump performance without the fork blowing through mid stroke travel. I am going to give it another month or so before throwing in the towel.

Rear brakes are still howling a bit. I swapped in some Galfer semi-metallic resin pads. They are interesting. Silent when I am on the brake, but the slightest rotor rub while not engaged emits a high pitch squeal. Not too stoked on that. The Galfer pads are the closest I have felt a resin pad get to performing like a sintered. Just got to do a little caliper adjust to minimize rub while I am off the brakes. There is some weird resonance in the rear end of my bike that I am not totally convinced is due to the brakes. Sure they provide the excitation, but something else may be vibrating because of it and causing some of the excess noise.

Heard earlier in the week that Stu is on the disabled list. Guess he jacked up one of his ligaments in his knee. He is off the bike for a while. Get well soon bud. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

In other news, I have taken on a rocker design project with another guy on mtbr. He is hooked up with a couple of machinists. I am providing CAD and FEA support. Basically Ventana doesn't produce a rocker that has clearance for the current Fox shocks. Not sure why it isn't a priority for them, but we are taking matters into our own hands. Should be a fun project in the end.

Here is the original rocker:

Here is the slightly tweaked version I am working on:

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mudward said...

I think that rocker needs a big "DSB" logo instead of that ugly "V" ;)