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Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh Snap, it's Friday again

Not much going on this week. Got in a Monday ride (details already reported below in the blog). Have been warding off tonsilitis all week, no real signs other than a lot of phlegm and bad breath (kind of like waking up with a hangover).

Rode yesterday with Mike and Rob (fox clothing rep). It was nice. At my current fitness level and Mike being off the bike for the last couple of weeks I could almost keep him in sight on the climbs. Granted he was cruising and I was red-lined, but whatever. No cramps, we hammered out a good loop. Everything was going great. I hit a drop early in the ride 2-3' and was feeling pretty in tune with the 29er on all the jumps and obstacles along the way. Then on the way back to town a little 2.5' culvert drop attacked my rear wheel and left it for dead. I was able to kick and pull it into enough of an egg shape to get back to the shop, but am going to have to take it out back and put it down. Odd, I have never roached a wheel on a bike while going in a predominantly straight line. Guess I was just being too manly for the poor stock 29er wheel to take. Live and learn, gotta keep the xc bike on the ground.

This Weekend

- NVDC - yeah I am down for this one. Gonna cruise out Sunday morning at about 6am. Should be a good beat down for me. I think knowing the course should help some though.

- CHDH #1 - Cool DH race out in Livermore. If I wasn't pedaling my ass off in Angwin decked in spandex I would be all over this one.

- Rain - Yep, might get some more precipitation on Sunday.

- Rides - Get on your bike and pedal Saturday. Traction should be great. Weather should be good to go. Enjoy.

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