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Monday, April 9, 2007

Weekend review...

Good weekend overall. Did the Friday night movie and pizza gig over at my sister's place. Another kind of weird Matt Damon movie about the CIA.

Saturday was the MTBR Sea Otter Pre-ride. That always ends up being fun. The ride this year really did break up. I think there was an A group running 2 laps at race pace. There was a B group that did a straight 1 lap. I think there was a C group that did about 3/4 of a lap. And I ended up clinging onto the B+ group as we put in a lap and some additional riding on the back side. Brent and Bret did their own deal and hammered out a couple of laps in just a bit more time than my B+ group. In the end I was feeling a bit slow about 20mi in, so I bailed out with one of the other B+ riders to just climb out Skyline. So our B ride turned into about 25mi while the full B+ crew hit closer to 30mi. It turned out to be the right call for me. I had time to pull up, get out my lawn chair, and put down about 1/2 a beer before Bret and Brent arrived.

After a couple of beers and lounging around it was time to head off. BBQ at Kyle's turned out to be a lot of fun. He has a pretty cush pad tucked right up to the Morgan Hill park system. So we got to hang out and enjoy the view off his back porch of rolling hills and valleys. He had brewed up a Belgian style ale that was quite tasty. Lots of stories being passed around and an overall great vibe. Fracis even hooked me up with a pair of MTBR socks for clinging onto the B+ ride as long as I did. Good times.

Easter was a flop. Well, for me. I made it through the morning, but ended up with a migrane that lasted through the afternoon. So I crashed out and napped through the worst of it. Might have been too much sun, dehydration, and beer from Saturday. Not sure. The kids were cute and dressed for the day. Candy flowed, darts and airplanes were flying around, and lots of family to hang out with. Austin surprised us by quietly finding the most Easter Eggs in the hunt. I don't know what the Grandparents hooked him up with (I checked out for a nap), but I am sure he didn't make out too bad. One more holiday down. Things should mellow out for a bit now.


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